Albins Stage 2 – 1st to 6th Gear kit

Albins GR6 R35 GTR Atage 2 kit

Albins Stage 2 – 1st to 6th Gear Kit

With R35 Nissan GT-R owners demanding more and more from the vehicles, Albins have developed a second 1st to 6th gear kit in order to support the extreme power levels being produced by the monster VR38DETT engine.

The ‘Stage 2’ kit maintains the same popular characteristics from the first kit – increased durability as well as quiet and smooth operation.
It differentiates from the stage one kit with significantly increased durability when used in extreme-power conditions.
It also comes with an upgraded mid-plate, reverse gear-train and dedicated shift forks. We’ve also crammed a lot more of our gear design know-how into the kit – meaning bigger, stronger, quieter gears than ever before. We’ve also incorporated our popular ‘Floating Dog Ring’ design into the kit, meaning easier assembly and easier servicing of the synchro-cones.

In terms of pure size – the ‘Stage 2’ kit is on average 25% bigger than the OEM gearset – and approximately 18% bigger than our Stage 1 kit.
It is a bolt-in solution, meaning you are still able to use your favourite GR6 clutches and control systems with the new kit.
Please see Albins ‘Nissan R35 GT-R Gear Kit – Assembly Information’ for a detailed guide on GR6 disassembly and assembly.

The stage 2 kit is sold as a complete assembly – almost every component (except for 1st Idler gear!) is different from out stage 1 kit – meaning that components are not interchangeable. Some OEM parts are reused in the kit.

Albins Stage 2 – 1st to 6th Gear Kit

    • The GR6 Stage 2 kit uses factory tooth counts on 1st and 2nd gear to maintain compatiblity with the factory transmission control systems. Gears 3rd through 6th ratios and tooth counts have been modified for the best mix of strength, longevity and spread.
      Albins recommends an engine management strategy with reduced engine output (maximum 150Nm) in reverse gear.
      GR6 ‘Stage 2’ Gear Ratios

      Gear           Ratio             Tooth Count
      1st               3.357:1          14:47
      2nd              1.905:1          21:40
      3rd               1.318:1          22:29
      4th               1.037:1          27:28
      5th               0.82:1            29:24
      6th               0.657:1          35:23

    • The ‘Stage 2’ GR6 kit differs from both OEM and Stage 1 in that 3rd through 6th Idler gears are now of a Floating Dog-Ring (FDR) design. While it looks similar to the OEM splined/peened method of retention, it is a ground-up design that provides the following benefits:
      – Ease of assembly and replacement – FDRs are a sliding fit, meaning no tools or pressure is required to fit or remove the rings. Simply slide them off or on by hand. Should your dog-rings wear out, new Dog-Rings can be ordered and fitted to the idler gears with ease.
      Once the gearstack is assembled, the thrust faces and cone angles lock together in the correct position ensuring correct function and torque transmission of the GR6.
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