Nissan GTR-R35 22 Plate Clutch Pack

Nissan GTR-R35 16 plate clutch

Nissan GTR-R35 22 Plate Clutch Pack Replacement

Our Nissan GTR-R35 22 plate clutch pack is a replacement for your Xtreme Motorsport XWP22 plate clutch kit for your GTR.

On the eventual occurrence that your clutch pack comes to its end of life, using our British engineering and manufacturing, we can supply the very best replacement clutch pack that money can buy. 

Our up-rated performance friction and steel plates are designed to run 1,400+whp within your Xtreme XWP22 plate billet clutch.

Nissan GTR-R35 22 Plate Clutch Pack Specification

  • 22 Wide plate frictions, 1.8mm thick, 40% more friction surface area over stock units, with a new waffle design
  • 22 Wide steel plates, 1.6mm thick, heat-treated, and surface ground
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