Nissan GTR-R35 4WD 12 Plate Clutch Pack

Nissan GTR R35 4WD Stock 9 Plate clutch Pack

Nissan GTR-R35 4WD 12 Plate Clutch Pack

Our Nissan GTR-R35 4WD 12 Plate Clutch Pack is a direct replacement clutch pack for when the time comes to replace your worn Friction and Steel plates in your Xtreme Motorsport 4WD Clutch kit for your GTR’s AWD system.

Using our British engineering and manufacturing, not only improves but enhances the finished product offering our customers the very best that money can buy.  Tried and tested, our cost-effective upgrade, having sold thousands of our custom-made plates, has satisfied our trade and retail customers throughout the would-wide GTR market, time after time.

The up-rated friction and steel plates are 35% larger surface area than OEM, and are specially designed for the bespoke Aluminum 4WD housing that we manufacture in-house, simply replace the existing worn steel and friction plate.

Nissan GTR-R35 4WD 12 Plate Clutch Pack
  • 12 Friction plates, 2mm thick, new  design 35% greater surface area,
  • 11 Steel plates, 2mm thick, heat-treated, and surface ground