Nissan GTR-R35 Billet Piston B With Seal

GTR-R35 Billet Piston B

GTR-R35 Billet Piston B With Seal

GTR R35 Billet PistonB has been CNC machined as a one piece part using our in-house state of the art HAAS 4th Axis machine. The PistonB is supplied with our innovative and novel seal that builds upon and improves on the OEM seal design.

This piston comes with our clip-in seal design as standard and can be added to your stock clutch as an upgrade.

We pride ourselves on our ability to offer not only exceptional products but technical support and after sales service to match.  Our team will provide you with a help and advice on what is best for your requirements to ensure that you can get the best our of your or your customers Nissan GTR.

**Please note there are two sizes of piston B, depending on the model year of the vehicle, the correct one will need to be fitted**

GTR R35 Billet PistonB with Seal Specification

  • One piece billet
  • Precision CNC machined out of a high strength motorsport material, less flex over stock
  • New clip-seal design, no bonding to fail like OEM, low friction, no oil bleed pass
  • Fits stock clutch as an upgrade
  • Eliminates most of the 2nd to 3rd gear squawk noise

GTR R35 Billet PistonB with Seal