Nissan GTR-R35 Piston Seals & Steel Clip-in Housing


Nissan GTR-R35 Piston Seals & Steel Clip-in Housing

Our new Nissan GTR-R35 piston seals & Steel clip-in housing are developed around the center tower seal which is a proven technology, these eliminate the risk of a bonded seal failing. Designed with a high-quality steel seal casing they are a reliable upgrade from the stock seals.   Our in-house engineered designed solution to improving the OEM seals with a clip-housing for the lip seal is bespoke to our own Stock (WP18) Billet Pistons.

Choosing the right manufacturer

When investing in your GTR and spending both time and money to get the best performance and reliability your money can buy, you need to know that you are choosing the right manufacturer and components for your car. You want to know that you can both trust and have confidence in that manufacturer, to make that important purchase.

We pride ourselves on our ability to offer not only exceptional products but technical support and after-sales service to match.  Our team will provide you with both technical support and sales advice on what is best for your requirements to ensure that you can get the very best for you and or for your customer’s Nissan GTR upgrades. Give us a call to challenge our sales team with your GTR clutch queries!

Nissan GTR-R35 Piston Seals & Steel Clip-in Housing

  • CNC machined high-quality clip-in steel casing
  • High-quality rubber piston lip seal design, low friction