Nissan GTR-R35 14 Plate Clutch Pack

Nissan GTR-R35 14 plate clutch

Nissan GTR-R35 14 Plate Clutch Pack

Our Nissan GTR-R35 14 plate clutch pack is an excellent cost-effective upgrade for your GTR-R35.  Using our British engineering and manufacturing, not only improves but enhances the finished product offering our customers the very best that money can buy.  Tried and tested, our cost-effective upgrade, having sold thousands of our custom-made plates, has satisfied our trade and retail customers throughout the worldwide GTR market, time after time. If you have a tight budget when looking to enhance your GTR, then when the time comes, our 14 plate-clutch pack is your first step to making your GTR a street racer.

These are designed to run 700hp while maintaining all your stock clutch parts, simply removing the OEM steel and friction plate and replacing them with our Up-rated plates.

Up-rated Billet A&B baskets and our Billet A&B pistons can be added to these kits if required.

Nissan GTR R35 14 plate clutch pack

  • 14 Frictions plates, new waffle design, 1.8mm thick, smooth engagement, high wear-resistant
  • 12 Steel plates, 1.6mm thick, heat-treated, and surface ground
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