Albins 1st to 6th Gearset

Albins 1st to 6th Gearset

Buildings on the phenomenal success of the Albins 1,100 hp 1st gear upgrade for the Nissan GTR-R35 transmission, the long-awaited release of a matching 2nd to 6th gear set was recently rolled out.

The Albins high-shock load gear “ground” tooth profile rather than the conventionally hobbed tooth, delivering tooth profile perfection with zero noise. Robotic CMM scanned tooth profiles deliver perfect gear mesh with substantial increases in power holding capability. Recently tested by Ivey Technologies in the USA, and found to have less transmission noise than the OEM transmission, the Albins 1st to  6th gearset is a must-have for highly tuned Nissan GTR-R35s with power nearing the 1,100 hp mark. The Albins product can be found in many of our dealers’ cars as the transmission of choice for the professionals and we are proud to boast that Europe’s fastest Nissan GTR-R35, built by one of our dealers, “Severn Valley Motorsport” using their renowned Alpha “Hulk” GTR-R35 producing 2,500hp and achieved 245.9mph, Europe’s speed record.

Available at an industry-leading price point, the Albins range of Nissan GTR-R35 products all offer the significant advantages that come with Isotropic polishing and gear profile grinding.

Albins 1st to 6th Gearset

  • Market leaders in high-quality gear kits
  • Surface ground for quiet operation
  • Extra-wide gears for strength and durability
  • Super finished for reduced friction
  • Nut retaining eliminates circlip

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