Albins Synchro Ring Set

Albins Synchro Ring Sets

Albins Synchro Ring set to go with your up-rated high performance Nissan GTR R35 Albins gearset to enhance and protect your cherished gearbox and engine.  When investing in your GTR and spending both time and money to get the best performance and reliability.  You want to know that you are choosing the right manufacturer and components for your car and have both the trust and confidence in that manufacturer, to make that important purchase.

Albins have invested years of development in refining their art and manufacturing processes to produce the very best that can be made for the aftermarket high performance GTR tuning market.  From street racers to full on track and drag racing, Albins is a name and brand that can be trusted with their race support pedigree and international race results from the track, their second to non designs and quality made component complement any transmission and clutch upgrades.

Albins Synchro Ring Set

  • 3x High strength upgrades for forward gears
  • 1x High strength upgrade for 6th/reverse gear

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