Severn Valley Motorsport & The Hulk – 270+ Mph Top Speed Run!


We are proud to publish this blog in association with Severn Valley Motorsport who have invested their time and enthusiasm in producing a record beating Nissan GTR R35 utilising our XWP22 plate clutch. The following snippets are taken from their Facebook posting.

Severn Valley Motorsporthulk on track
23rd May

*** The HULK – 270+ MPH Top Speed Run! ***

On June 30th we plan on making history with our HULK GT-R… We initially thought that 250+MPH would be the limit, but we think we can go some more…

Wish us luck and keep an eye on our Facebook page for more details!

Severn Valley Motorsport
25th May

For any guys interested Kev has been calculating the potential top speed!…


As shown, the Qashqai ran 237mph in 4300ft using 2.5 bar boost and 8,600 RPM on 72% ethanol… We restricted power due to the design of the brick, and safety.

The Hulk has 5280ft (1 mile) to reach above our target of 260mph – 270mph++…

The challenge for the Hulk is to hit 240mph in 3960ft,this leaves 1320ft to gain just over 20mph to hit his 260mph target, from 240mph.

Taking an average of 250mph the Hulk will travel at 366ft per second….

This gives us 3.61 seconds to go from 240mph to 260mph (in theory)…. Looking at data the Qashqai ran between 217mph and 237mph in circa 4 seconds!

Taking into consideration the HULK will run…
– Even More Power!
– Has altered Diff Ratio’s giving 8% taller gears.
– Improved Tyres and Aerodynamics over the Qashqai R.

The team are reasonably confident of taking the VMAX title of 242 MPH from the Koeniggsegg Agera RS!  I am thinking of 262mph! Place your bets! Closest gets a signed picture off Big-Balls Mike! Ha! 🙂

But in seriousness, what top speed do you think we’ll get at RAF Kendrew?

Severn Valley Motorsport
29th May

*** The HULK is at VMax 200 tomorrow! ***

Last minute checks and tweaks are being done and we’re looking good for the HULK tomorrow at VMAX…. Wish us luck, we’re going to be tearing up the tarmac and aiming for our 260 – 270MPH goal!  Let’s see if that Agera RS can keep up with this ;)…

Severn Valley Motorsport
2nd July

*** THE HULK – Will Return! ***

On Saturday whilst at VMax 200 we had an issue with the water system on the HULK and we couldn’t compete and we are gutted!…

Something as simple as a coolant issue caused us the chance to truly open the taps up on the HULK and meant that we couldn’t continue… But, not to be defeated, we’re already starting to fix the issue and get it ready once again!…

Fingers crossed, we might even make it to Ten of the Best 17 – 2018 in a few weeks and we’ll show you all just what it can do!

Severn Valley Motorsport
9th August

*** The HULK’s Billet Block is inbound! ***

It’s coming, the AMS Performance Billet Block for our HULK Nissan R35 GT-R is on it’s way to us here at Severn Valley’ and it’s coming with a lot of other special goodies!…

*cough* Alpha 22 Turbo Kit *cough*…

Severn Valley Motorsport
7th September


All the way from AMS Performance in Chicago comes the HULK’s brand-new engine, and this time, we’ve well and truly upped the game by going for a FULL billet engine! -not just the cradle!

Supporting power outputs ‘up-to’ 3000HP this engine will see the HULK take a MASSIVE jump in performance!!!

More and more items are inbound to SVM and we’ll post you all what else we’ve got soon! – Bring on on the Turbo Kit!…

VMax 200 are you ready for us later this month? 242MPH’s the current record right.

Severn Valley Motorsport
9th September

** The HULK’s Precision Turbo & Engine Turbochargers **

This morning postie has brought us a pair of beautiful twins… and WOW… look at the size of these monsters…

Each turbocharger is capable of providing enough boost to support a 1200+ HP application…. and we’re strapping two of them to our BILLET block (which is already running Extreme Cams, Larger Throttles etc) to give us the ability to run in excess of 2500HP+!..

Bring on VMax 200 on the Sept 29th!…

Are you ready for us Koenigsegg Automotive AB? One of your customers set a 242MPH in an Agera RS… The HULK is coming….

Severn Valley Motorsport
11th September

*** The Alpha HULK’s – Carbon Inlet Manifold ***

Very Custom, and Very HULK is our AMS Performance Carbon Intake Manifold finished in Psychedelic Green!

It’s not just for show either, these incredible intakes are fitted to the top drag GT-R’s as seen the USA sporting 3000+ horsepower to help extract every last bit of power!

If you own GT-R, and you’d like to upgrade your GT-R whilst giving the engine bay a stunning manifold then get in touch, we can even adapt them to fit stock power GT-R’s to they’ll fit a bit variety!

Severn Valley MotorsportBy SVM Motorsport
15th May

*** The Alpha HULK – How to stop at 260+ MPH! ***

As you all know, we’ve pushed the boat out with the HULK, and really… we need to be be able to stop the 2500+ HP behemoth when we’ve hit our goal!

If you’re looking to take things to the next level and would like us to mount you a parachute for your drag UK based GT-R then get in touch!

Severn Valley Motorsport
19th September

*** SVM HULK – 260 / 270 MPH challenge at VMax 200 ***

September 29th (yes, in 10 days!) see’s the SVM HULK take on the competition at VMAX with the goal of well and truly setting a standard… we’re gunning for between 260 – 270MPH!!!

The current record at VMAX is 242MPH as set by a Koenigsegg Automotive ABs Agera RS…. and now we’ve upgraded the HULK even further we’re confident we can well and truly hit our target!…

We’ve got some very interesting posts coming up soon as the build is continuing, keep your eyes peeled!

Hours and hours of work are going into the project, our techs are working flat out and we’re focused, please wish us luck! Not long now!

Severn Valley MotorsportBy SVM Motorsport
24th September

*** Only 5 Days to go until VMax 200! ***

Not long now and the SVM HULK will be on full throttle tearing up the runway at VMAX and we can’t wait to see what it achieves!

With a goal of over 260 – 270 MPH and the hardware to power it, we’re all getting very excited!…

So then, what top speed do you think we’ll get to!?!

Severn Valley Motorsportby SVM Motorsport
25th September

*** Michelin Tyres on the HULK ***

Michelin were the tyre of choice when the Koenigsegg Agera RS set a land speed record with 284 MPH (over an 11 mile road) so we knew they were the best choice for the HULK!

As soon as we mentioned to Michelin that we’d be going for a top speed run (in circa 1 mile) which would see our HULK GT-R exceed 260 – 270 MPH they wanted to be a part of it!

Running only the best, the HULK is equipped with Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2’s!…

Severn Valley MotorsportBy SVM Motorsport
26th September

*** The HULK is at the Dyno! ***

And we’ve been told that they’re off to get more straps to hold this monster down as there’s just not enough already!

We’ve even removed the bumpers so we can use the crash bars to try and hold him down!

We’re looking forward to the results if it can get all the power down!

Severn Valley Motorsport
27th Septemberby Severn Valley Motorsport

*** The Alpha HULK – 3rd Run! ***

Now running more boost we’re nearly over 2220BHP and the HULK’s really struggling for traction now! The tyres are lighting up on the rollers!

We’re leaving it there for now as we just can’t grip, but WOW… and considering we’re not even at max power yet this is going to be a VERY exciting Saturday! Roll on the weekend!

VMax 200, are you ready? 😉

Severn Valley Motorsport
28th September

*** The Best R35 GT-R Clutches Xtreme Motorsport Ltd ***

We’ve always had great results from Xtreme Motorsport clutches, we’ve tried other manufacturers but in our opinion Xtreme are the best by far…

Even their 18x Plates in our experience handle more power than they quote they’re so good!…

So when we were considering who to use for a clutch for the 2500 HP+ Alpha HULK it didn’t take much thought!

If you’d like us to supply and fit an Xtreme Clutch in your GT-R get in touch, they’re exceptional!

Severn Valley Motorsport
29th September

by SVM Motorsport*** The HULK – Eye’s up the Competition at VMax 200 ***

The HULK’s not just here to take the record, it’s set to try and well and truly smash it into the 260 – 270 MPH region!

With a current record held at 242MPH, let’s get ANGRY!

Game on Koenigsegg Automotive AB Agera RS 😉  #svm #severnvalleymotorspory #agera #rs #vma200

Severn Valley Motorsport
29th September

*** The Alpha HULK’s getting Ready! ***

Today is the day when the magic happens…. Let’s see just how far over VMAX’s record the 2200+ HP monster that is the Alpha HULK can go!!

Severn Valley Motorsport
29th September

Vmax Update. Due to Vmax 200s insurance policy the Hulk is not allowed to run again. After having our carbon wing snap at 217MPH in less then half a mile on run one. Even after getting the car run ready with replacement wing for round 2 due to there safety concerns and worries from other events around the world The Hulk will retire for today. The team is gutted but not defeated, we will be back for the top speed record. You get knocked down, you get up again.

Many thanks to the social media following and support, updates coming soon.

Severn Valley Motorsportby SVM
28th September

Run 3. 238 mph, we are not satisfied with this, mapping is going well. Up and up #svm. AMS Performance Albins #hulk #gtr

Severn Valley Motorsport
16th October


With a total of 5 runs all exceeding in speed, we finished the day as the fastest GTR in the UK at 245.9MPH. Although our goal is still 260-270 we are confident in the engine and are currently developing aero to suit our needs and to keep the front end on the ground!

Massive thanks to the team back at base for holding the fort, and for those who came along to the event. A special thanks to AMS Performance and Alpha Performance, the driver ‘Mike (big balls) Little’ for taking his birthday off to come and race with some of the finest in the country.

VIDEO and Vbox data coming tomorrow, once again thanks for the online support and here’s to next year events.

By SVM Motorsport



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