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Finishing touches to our products

Finishing touches to our products Polishing and finishing touches to the Billet baskets We are very proud of what we do and the way in which we manufacture our products.  As a vital part of our manufacturing process we make sure we produce the best possible product we can.  Given the attention to detail of our design, material used, functionality, durability and design enhancement over the Nissan GTR R35 stock units, we want to supply all of our products to our

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Severn Valley Motorsport & The HULK – 270+ MPH Top Speed Run!

We are proud to publish this blog in association with Severn Valley Motorsport who have invested their time and enthusiasm in producing a record beating Nissan GTR R35 utilising our XWP22 plate clutch.  The following snippets are taken from their Facebook posting. Severn Valley Motorsport 23rd May *** The HULK – 270+ MPH Top Speed Run! *** On June 30th we plan on making history with our HULK GT-R… We initially thought that 250+MPH would be the limit, but we think we can


Severn Valley Motorsport 28 September at 18:14   *** The Best R35 GT-R Clutches Xtreme Motorsport Ltd *** We’ve always had great results from Xtreme Motorsport clutches, we’ve tried other manufacturers but in our opinion Xtreme are the best by far… Even their 18x Plates in our experience handle more power than they quote they’re so good!… So when we were considering who to use for a clutch for the

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Production increases

Growing demand drives increased production Thanks to a surge in our newly emerging overseas markets, demand for our WP20, XWP22 and XWP24 plate clutches, has outstripped our ability to supply. We are delighted with customer demand increasing. This is driving the need to increase our production to meet the growing number of customer orders.  Our experts have been busy developing our social media and international exposure. It is our plan to develop new territories and new markets for our market leading

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