10 Reasons Why Nissan GTR Owners Modify Their Car

Custom Modified GTR R35
Why Nissan GTR Owners Modify Their Car

The Nissan GT-R R35 is a highly capable sports car with a reputation for exceptional performance and reliability. However, many owners choose to modify their GT-Rs to enhance their cars’ capabilities, aesthetics, or both. The following are ten reasons why Nissan GT-R R35 owners modify their cars.

  1. Improved Performance: One of the most popular reasons for modifying a GT-R is to increase its performance. GT-R owners can install high-performance components such as exhaust systems, intake systems, intercoolers, and engine management systems to improve the car’s power output, handling, and overall performance.

  2. Personalisation: Another common reason for modifying a GT-R is to personalize it. Some owners want to create a unique look for their car, or they may want to make it stand out in a crowd. They can add customized wheels, body kits, paint jobs, and other visual modifications to give their GT-R a one-of-a-kind appearance.

  3. Competitive Racing: For some GT-R owners, racing is a way of life. They may enter their cars in professional racing events or compete in local events, and they often modify their GT-Rs to gain an edge on the competition. They may install high-performance brakes, racing seats, roll cages, and other components to help their cars perform at their best.

  4. Show Off: Some GT-R owners modify their cars to just show them off. They may attend car shows or meets and want their cars to be the center of attention. They may add flashy lights, sound systems, or other modifications that make their GT-R stand out from the crowd.

  5. Driving Experience: GT-R owners who enjoy driving may modify their cars to improve the driving experience. They may install better suspension components, such as coilovers, to improve handling or upgrade the car’s brakes to make it more responsive.

  6. Track Performance: Some GT-R owners modify their cars to improve track performance. They may install racing tires, lightweight wheels, or carbon fiber components to reduce weight and increase performance. They may also add aerodynamic components, such as spoilers or diffusers, to improve stability at high speeds.

  7. Achieving Records: Some GT-R owners modify their cars to achieve records. The GT-R is known for its abilityThe Hulk racer by SVM to set records for acceleration, top speed, and lap times on various race tracks. Owners may modify their cars to improve their chances of breaking these records or achieving new ones.

  8. Engine Swaps: Some GT-R owners choose to replace the factory engine with a different one, such as an RB26DETT engine from the previous-generation GT-R. This modification allows the owner to retain the GT-R’s iconic appearance while still enjoying a different engine’s unique features.

  9. Future Collectability: GT-R owners who believe that their cars will become future collectibles may modify them to increase their value. They may install rare or hard-to-find components, such as special edition wheels or body kits, to make their GT-Rs more valuable in the future.

  10. Passion: Finally, many GT-R owners modify their cars out of passion. They may be lifelong fans of the GT-R or simply love cars and enjoy modifying them. For these owners, the GT-R is not just a car but a hobby and a passion that they enjoy pursuing.

In conclusion
, there are many reasons why Nissan GT-R R35 owners modify their cars. Whether they do it to improve performance, personalize their cars, or simply because they have a passion for the GT-R, these modifications allow owners to enjoy their cars in new and exciting ways.

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