10 Reasons Why to fit Our 4WD 12 plate clutch kit

4WD Clutch KIt
10 Reasons Why to fit Our 4WD 12 plate clutch kit

The benefits of fitting an Xtreme Motorsport 4WD 12 plate clutch kit in a Nissan GTR R35 can vary depending on the specific kit and the intended use of the vehicle. However, in general, some potential benefits of upgrading the clutch system with a high-performance kit like this could include:Nissan GTR-R35 4WD Gearset

  1. Increased Clutch Torque Capacity: The Xtreme Motorsport 4WD 12 plate clutch kit can handle higher levels of torque than the stock clutch, providing better performance and power delivery.

  2. Improved Clutch Engagement: The 12 plate design provides a smoother and more predictable clutch engagement, allowing for quicker and more precise shifts.

  3. Enhanced Clutch Durability: Using high quality aerospace grade billet aluminium the 12 plate 4WD kit is designed to be more durable than the stock clutch, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

  4. Better Heat Management: The clutch kit is designed to manage heat more effectively, which can help prevent overheating and reduce wear and tear.

  5. Improved Traction: The clutch kit can improve traction, allowing for better grip and control in high-performance driving situations.

  6. Better Launch Control: With the gripping capability of the 12 plates the clutch kit can improve launch control, allowing for faster and more consistent launches.

  7. Reduced Slippage: With the 35% larger friction surface area of the fibre material than stock, together with an increased number of plates, from 9 to 12 frictions, the clutch kit can reduce slippage, which can improve acceleration and performance.

  8. Faster Shifting: Together with good quality engine and transmission tuning the 12 plate 4WD clutch kit offers a smoother engagement and improved durability can help reduce shift times, allowing for faster and more precise shifts.

  9. Better Performance at High RPMs: The clutch kit can provide better performance at high RPMs, allowing for more power delivery in high-performance driving situations.

  10. Increased Longevity: The clutch kit is designed using a longer lasting and more resilient friction material than the stock clutch, reducing the need for frequent replacements and providing better value for money over time.


It’s important to note that installing a high-performance clutch kit like this may also come with some downsides, if not installed correctly, such as increased noise, vibration, and harshness. Additionally, installing a clutch kit can be a complex process, and it’s important to ensure that the kit is properly installed and tuned to avoid any issues or potential damage to the vehicle.

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