Finishing touches to our products

Finishing touches to our products

By Xtreme Motorsport
Polishing and finishing touches to the Billet baskets

We are very proud of what we do and the way in which we manufacture our products.  As a vital part of our manufacturing process we make sure we produce the best possible product we can.  Given the attention to detail of our design, material used, functionality, durability and design enhancement over the Nissan GTR R35 stock units, we want to supply all of our products to our customers in the best possible condition.

With our rumbler polisher and the specialist media we use, not only does it remove unwanted sharp edges and burrs, but it also finely polishes all surfaces that the media can reach.  Which gives a very smooth and highly polished finish. We then spray the components with a light rust resistant engineering oil.  Then we wrap them in a grease proof paper for safe storage.

We are not only very proud of what we make and to whom we supply, but we also love the fact that our customers appreciate the care and attention that we give our products.  This gives us the satisfaction that our products make an already fantastic car, even better.

“Excellence is our Minimum”

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