Production Increases

Production Increases

Growing demand drives increased production

Thanks to a surge in our newly emerging overseas markets, demand for our WP20, XWP22 and XWP24 plate clutches, has outstripped our ability to supply.Billet Basket A B NISSAN GTR-R35 BILLET BASKETS A&B (STOCK)

We are delighted with the customer demand increasing. This is driving the need to increase our production to meet the growing number of customer orders.  Our experts have been busy developing our social media and international exposure. It is our plan to develop new territories and new markets for our market-leading brand.  We have started to push heavily towards the Far Eastern markets.  Given that the Far East is the home of the Nissan GTR, our distributors are keen to introduce us as a fresh new British supplier.

Being a British manufacturer with an international reputation for producing high-quality engineered parts, is aiding our cause.  This is something that we have worked hard for and are very proud of.  We are becoming a strong contender within the territory to the locally manufactured equivalents.

Customer Service and excellent quality products are a cornerstone of our growing success in building a customer base.  Immediate turnaround and same-day dispatch of customer orders is a key objective of our business.

We are receiving new enquiries from potential distributors on a Nissan GTR partsweekly basis. It is our strategy to operate on a business-to-business basis via distributors.  However, under special circumstances, we would consider a business-to-consumer transaction.

Our aftermarket clutches are a solid part of a portfolio package offered by an increasing number of specialist Nissan GTR R35 tuning shops.  This is forming a strong and reliable proposition for their customers when tuning their Nissan GTRs to 1000whp to 2500whp and beyond.

We are well on the way to replenishing our stocks to restore our next-day delivery service.  Thank you to our customers and their patients.

“Excellence is our Minimum”



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